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PLUGO is composed of the main charger the web system.
We provide the combination of sophisticated products with the unique digital technology of IoT, which is the ever evolving “OMOTENASHI” suitable for the future EV era.


PLUGO conducts every charging with renewable energy.

Green Charging™ is PLUGO’s unique charging method, using only renewable energy such as solar power and wind power.
All PLUGO chargers offer only Green Charging™ without CO2 emissions, which is the first service in Japan for EV charging.

Going forward, we will take initiatives to promote sustainability, such as giving points to the contribution to the environment through the use of Green Charging™, and local production of energy for local consumption including charging with the solar power generation on the premises.


Green Charging™ for the infrastructure of a sustainable society.

Even if the number of electric vehicles and charging stations increases, if the amount of energy to charge them does not change, a true sustainability will not be born. Charging with renewable energy will enable eco-friendly E-mobility to show its real value. That’s what PLUGO believes.
To realize a world, without any negative impact on the environment, where we can enjoy driving from the heart.
PLUGO will create the infrastructure for a sustainable society that fully decarbonizes means of transportation.



The design concept is "reduction of environmental noise". We are developing products that emphasize harmony with space, such as the smart silhouette and the freedom to choose the exterior materials.




    In the place where it should be,
    in the form where it should take –
  • PRODUCT 02


    A smart model that blends into the city
  • PRODUCT 01


    Adding the value of dignity to the landscape

If you have any questions about our products or are considering installing them in your facilities, please feel free to contact us.


All main chargers are equipped with external linkage function via the web system. We realize the OMOTENASHI for EV users with consideration for the environment, not just through charging reservation function, but also through the expansion of new functions.

Charging reservation system


Charging reservation can be made online anytime and anywhere.
Through PLUGO, an advanced reservation for charging is possible with a PC or the smartphone app.
Without complicated procedures such as looking for an available station at the destination and making confirmation calls to the facility, we promise reliable charging even from a far place.
PLUGO boosts the comfort of your life with EV.

Billing system

Settlement is complete online.

Installing a billing system which enables settlement when making reservations by PCs or apps. Without the need for payment by cash, you can just check in and charge on the day.
It will realize smooth and comfortable charging experience.

*Since the existence or not of payment, and the payment method differ depending on facilities, please check at the time of making reservations.

We will answer your questions about charging and making a reservation from your PC / app.
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