Selecting a charger is selecting a future landscape.

It is used to be called a gas station.
Let’s create such a future in which people and automobiles will coexist.

Tips for design always exist in the environment.

Charging spots, if becoming electricity storage spots,
will become disaster-prevention bases in the future.

Let’s have E-Mobility, a landscape which is desirable for environmental consideration.

A sustainable future means a future that we want to sustain.

Let’s create a future we want to sustain.

To visualize the energy as place for rest

The essential consideration when we install EV charger in the society is “harmonization with people’s life style”. The monotonous product-out concept risks the diversity accumulated by the history of local life and culture.

Therefore, the view point of comprehensive design becomes important.
We create the place for rest which can be passed-on over centuries by considering the relation of landscape, society and energy as whole environment, not simply focusing on charger as product to distribute.

“EV TARMINAL PARK” is envisioned as global project which creates the sustainable place regardless area or country in the world.

9 Design code to connect past and future

“EV TARMINAL PARK” orients to the universal landscape plan. We establish 9 design code so that the park is served as place with adaptability toward culture and history of areas.
EV TARMINAL PARK is designed to entail compatibility of “place to rest as universal value” and “locality as original value”. It is achieved by designing the place for people’s happiness not by giving up cultural context, connectivity with nature, autonomy of community, humanity in car-society. The initiative of landscape is not given to function of charging or parking itself, but to humanity.

Place to rest symbolized by renewable energy

We emphasize the utilization of renewable energy as high as design code. Recently importance of decarbonization is discussed in many countries, to move things ahead in the region, however, it is inevitable to involve local communities.
Then the EV TARMIAL PARK is envisioned as place to sense invisible energy.

For instance, the solar panels are installed on the roof, so it can create the electricity to sustain the park.
No matter how people understand the significance of idea in their mind, it will not be prevailed if somebody makes action to embody it. EV TARMINAL PARK plays essential role to present relation of society and energy by serving the place to sense renewable energy for the people.

Open steps to gather around

Represented as “Spanish Plaza” in Roma, large scale steps in the street serve as special public space where people gather around and rest.
EV TARMINAL PARK applies this attractive character of open steps as a universally-shared emotional value. The three-dimensional design element of steps forms sense of unity wherever the park to be built.
Green corridor and water stream is placed in the area, EV charging spots and parking slots are sporadically allocated. The entire area prospers as active park of renewable energy by intentionally designing the area with abundant of nature and flow line by which people can gather from every direction.

4 pavilion to create locality

At the top floor of building, 4 pavilion space is installed. The use of pavilion space ranges from rest-space, food court, market and so on.
Pavilion space has multiple design to respond various demands and purpose of use. For instance it can be utilized as marche to attract people, air-conditioned rest-space sustained by renewable energy or high-way station to stop-by etc. The choice of how to utilize the area is given to each local community.

It is crucial how we transform “value of future which is yet intangible ” into visual shape, so that we make the EV and renewable energy prevailed as a substitution of ICE.
EV TARMINAL PARK tries to answer such issue by designing the place as compatible with universality and locality. By taking good balance of these two values, we present the “glocal landscape” which accommodates all the region and country in the globe.