Selecting a charger is selecting a future landscape.

It is used to be called a gas station.
Let’s create such a future in which people and automobiles will coexist.

Tips for design always exist in the environment.

Charging spots, if becoming electricity storage spots,
will become disaster-prevention bases in the future.

Let’s have E-Mobility, a landscape which is desirable for environmental consideration.

A sustainable future means a future that we want to sustain.

Let’s create a future we want to sustain.

Realize seamless charging experience

A number of EV drivers confront the issue of user experience today. They cannot reserve the charging spot before they start journey and ends up facing all of charging spots are occupied on site. Even if they are lucky enough to find a vacant spot, they will have to go through complex process for registration before they finally start charging.

Not to say the appearance of charging spot as hardware attracts people’s sense, its UX has to be sophisticated so as to increase the penetration rate. That’s why we put the great emphasis on UX including overall process of charging EV.

My PLUGO app is finally available after the detailed examination of design ranging from service itself, aesthetic viewpoint, operability to user experience. It is made as reservation app with deep consideration for seamless UX.

Design of embodiment

Design of My PLUGO app intends the design of embodiment. It considers flat-design, which is becoming one of main stream in 2022, implementing the interface and response with embodiment.
Such challenge comes across the idea of Neumorphism. It is characterized as applying the sense of real life. The idea is yet rarely seen in Japan, it is compatible with app which requires many operations.
We integrate flat design and neomorphism to find the best degree of visibility. After the repetitive test of great number, it is finally launched as app of comfortable and convenient design.

Main character
of heartful hospitality

When you turn on My PLUGO app, you can find illustration at many points.
It somehow aims at serving information in not linguistic way but intuitive approach. Above all, its aim is that we would like to increase the sense of hospitality in EV and EV charging experience.
It became our goal to make EV users, who pays great consideration to environment, feel welcomed by humane hospitality. Our key concept of illustration is found on such norm and we designed main character to embody it. The embodiment of character of app into the form of illustration brings about emotional value which resembles to service by humane hospitality.

Appropriation of customer journey
for each purpose

The customer journey in the app is deeply examined per each action. Especially the customer experience is constructed on the three main function; “Reservation”, “Payment” and “Using app on site without registration in advance”.

According to user category such as first-user or repeater with loyalty, flow of pages is also designed in detail respectively. Its usability is as comfortable as checking out in EC app.

In order to increase user engagement, we plan to further update the app, ranging from new service, synchronization with facilities close-by, route-map to gamification.

From “must charge” to “want charge”, we create the value of hospitality in the EV charging by designing everything related to charging experience.



PLUGO charger can be reserved in advance by App. It can make sure the place to charge even when you are in distant place. It frees you from being bothered by finding vacancy or asking by phone-call. The comfortable EV life is promised by My PLUGO app.