PLUGO Inc. / Naoki OKAWA, Representative Director & CEO

    大川 直樹

    As an EV user myself, I had doubts about the current charging environment in Japan. Charging at the destination is not guaranteed, and the designs of the chargers do not blend in with the surrounding environment. These problems are still ongoing, and they make me think that even though the EV users are the ones cooperating in reducing the burdens on the environment, they are not being “treated with OMOTENASHI”. Adding a new value of " OMOTENASHI" to the charger, we developed the next generation charger, PLUGO. We hope to deliver a new form of OMOTENASHI to EV&PHV users through PLUGO products.


    CDO / Seitaro Yamazaki

    山崎 晴太郎

    In order to respond to the environmental consideration of EV, I wanted to develop something about the environment and not about the car. The car has been the center of technological development, and the ideal society that we have arrived at through such developments is a society that coexists with the environment through the use of electric cars.
    In the process of aiming for such a society and in order to spread the use of electric cars, the environment becomes a superficial cause, and charging poles of various designs are being built as a new noise in our scenery – I don’t think that is right.
    What can add new functions to the existing space, while blending in and not causing significant changes to the existing physical properties? What material can be used while prioritizing the environment of the place to be installed? These are what I asked myself when coming up with the designs.
    I would be very delighted if I could be of any help in spreading EV.

  • Name of company
    PLUGO Inc.
  • Location
    Osaki Bright Core 12F, 5-5-15 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo, 141-0001,Japan
  • Founded in
  • Capital
    25 million yen
  • Capital reserve
    10 million yen
  • Content of main business
    Planning, development, and sales of EV chargers and IoT services
    Maintenance and servicing of products sold
    Dissemination of information related to the spread of EV
    Formulation and management of the consortium’s business strategy and related tasks
  • Executive Officer and Founder
    Representative Director & CEO Naoki Okawa
    CDO Seitaro Yamazaki
  • Main citation bank
    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
    MUFG Bank


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