2021.07.01 Press release

Destination-specific EV charging manufacturer PLUGO submitted Singapore Land Transport Authority a proposal to achieve both a beautiful landscape and the spread of charging infrastructure

For the country that ranks first in the world’s smart city rankings, we proposed a beautiful and sustainable mobility infrastructure that will become a model case for the world with EV stands linked to IoT services.

PLUGO Inc. (Representative Director of Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo: Naoki Okawa), which provides hospitality services for EV / PHV  users centered on the development of charging infrastructure at destination facilities has submitted a proposal outlining its expertise in designing a market for electric vehicle charging infrastructure to the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA), which announced that it will accept proposal. for Proposals from industry stakeholders for charging facilities for electric vehicles (EVs). 

At PLUGO, designers are working on landscape-friendly product design, and we continue to provide charging infrastructure that enables people to move in a simple and smart way through the power of manufacturing and designing. 

[Background of the proposal] -Singapore domestic situation 

  1. The Singaporean government has set a goal of deploying 60,000 EV charging points by 2030. 
  2. Since tourism is one of the main pillars of the industry, urban development has been carried out from early on with consideration for the landscape, such as the elimination of utility poles. 
  3. The city has been ranked the number one smart city in the world for two years in a row in the 2020 edition of the World Smart City Rankings*1, and is  focusing on responding to the needs of the city with technology.

See figure at left Major Cities in Europe and Asia Japan’s Current Status of No-Pole Construction 

(Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism website https: //

[Summary of proposal] 

About smart EV car lifestyle using IoT, a product that is in harmony with the environment that does not spoil the landscape 

[Proposal details] 

EV stand with high design that contributes to the tourism industry 

In order to respond to the environmental concerns of EVs, from the very beginning of the development, we have been focusing on the environment rather than the car itself, and our creative director, Seitaro Yamazaki has been carrying out product design. While developing a new social infrastructure for the future, we adopted a compact housing that emphasizes harmony with the surrounding environment, conscious of the design that does not increase the amount of new noise and does not hinder the landscape. Exterior materials can also be customized freely from siding ,so we proposed EV equipment that matches the scenery suitable for advanced tourism countries. 

Providing a mobility infrastructure suitable for a smart city with charging, reservation, and information service functions.

We want to create a new mobility infrastructure that EV users can feel the convenience of.

With this in mind, in addition to charging facilities as infrastructure, PLUGO has been working on the development of a charging reservation system that utilizes IoT and other cutting-edge technologies, and a service that links check-in with facilities.We introduced the smart EV car lifestyle, including the check-in coupons currently under development. 

[Future Development] 

PLUGO has raised a total of 190 million yen in a seed round on May this year, and is working on the expansion of functions to improve the “hospitality experience” at the destination, including the first EV charging reservation service in Japan “specialized for destination facilities”. 

Through these proposals, we will not blindly increase the number of charging facilities in Japan and overseas, but will work to create a future where people will want to continue using them while addressing various issues, such as a human-centered system that prioritizes where charging spots would be convenient for EV users, and solutions to transportation issues related to the car society, and harmonizing new facilities with the landscape, we will work to create a future that people will want to continue using. 

■PLUGO Corporation

PLUGO was founded in 2018 as a joint venture between two companies: Okawa Screw Manufacturing Inc, an auto parts manufacturing company for over 86 years since it was founded in 1934, and Seitaro Design Inc, a design and branding company. By combining the power of manufacturing, design, and IoT, we are aiming to create sustainable innovation that will transform everything related to EVs into hospitality. In addition to product development, a free magazine, PLUGO PAPER, was published to promote the spread of EVs from the lifestyle standpoint as well. As more and more EV/PHV cars are released by various manufacturers in the future, we are aiming to develop a wide range of “charging for destination” infrastructure. 

■Company Profile 

Location: 7F NMF Takanawa Building, 2-20-4 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022
Representative: Naoki Okawa, Representative Director
Capital: 188 million yen (including capital reserve fund and stock acquisition rights)
U R L: 


*1 World Smart City Ranking

The report, released by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in collaboration with Singapore University of Technology and Design, ranks cities around the world not only on the basis of their economic and technological performance, but also on the basis of their public perception of how “smart” they are.

*2 Seitaro Yamazaki Profile

Creative Director of PLUGO Inc. / Representative of Seitaro Design Inc. / Art Director Designer / Director and CDO (Chief Design Officer) of JMC Inc. With a focus on corporate and service design branding, he has undertaken art direction and design work for a variety of channels including graphics, websites, spaces and products. He has received numerous awards both in Japan and abroad, including the Good Design Award Gold Prize, Asia Design Award, IF Design Award, and JCD DESIGN AWARD. He has served as a member of the jury for design awards sponsored by various organizations and as a member of the expert committee of ministries and agencies. Main personality of FM Yokohama’s “Social Culture Department Store”. Director and CDO of JMC Corporation.

Creative advisor to the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee for sports presentations.