About charging

Which types of cars can be charged?

The major EV/PHV sold in the country can be charged. It is mandatory to use the power plug of the charging cable compliant with JWDS-0033 standard of Japan Wiring Systems Industry Association.


How long will it take to charge?

The charging speed varies depending on the condition of the battery, etc., but it can usually charge from zero to 100% in about 6-8 hours.

Is there a fee for charging?

As it differs for each installation place, please confirm with the facility.

About installation

Where do I contact if I want to install the charger?

Please contact the PLUGO secretariat from the following link.

How much would it cost to install the charger?

The cost depends on the location and conditions of where we install it, so please contact the PLUGO secretariat from the following link.

About charging reservation

How do I book a charging spot?

It is currently in an experimental operation. The charging reservation app is under development, so please reserve by directly contacting the facility PLUGO is installed.