In the place where it should be, in the form it should take.

Currently not available

  • Parking block type charging station with visual noise reduced to the minimum

    PLUGO BLOCK was developed with the aim of adding functions without changing the scale and physical properties of parking spaces as much as possible.
    This product is PLUGO's solution to charging stations in parking lots, which will increase in the future with the spread of EV.
  • Aesthetics of subtraction and technology of addition

    Likewise other PLUGO chargers, it connects to external reservation App: My PLUGO to minimize data volume on the PLUGO BLOCK hardware. Meanwhile, via app, it can make variety of communication with user such as check-in/out related to reservation, payment, displaying remaining time to complete charging session, and notification message from service owner etc.
  • Green Charging® that adheres to new values

    Also compatible with Green charging®, which is planned to be implemented in all PLUGO products.
    We will draw the shape of a charging station that will become a new normal in the future while adhering to the new values associated with the heightened awareness for the environment.

If you have any questions about our products or are considering installing them in your facilities, please feel free to contact us.