Rapid charger to harmonize with people and cities

  • Rapidness and Beauty, to enrich your urban life-style

    “PLUGO RAPID” is ideal solution for urban facilities such as malls or gym. It realizes rapid charge during your daily stop-by. Its natural design is tailored to serve modest impression, minimizing the industrial discomfort.
  • LED light to visualize reservation status

    LED light on the top of charger visualizes reservation status at first glance. Of course, reservation service is available by “My PLUGO” app. The visual information of reservation status serves relief to both of driver and facility owner.
  • New urban charging solution to change lifestyle

    Advantage of rapid charger is that the drivers can take the most of short stop-by at shopping mall or movie theaters. By utilizing reservation app, PLUGO propose the EV charging experience to be further intertwined into urban lifestyle as new daily routine.

    Rated input power
    Three Phase Three wire. AC200V
    Maximum power supply
    Charging port
    One (CHAdeMO)
    Method of installation
    Anchor base plate system
    Location of installation
    Outdoor and indoor
    Operating temperature range
    Communication function
    LTE (Wireless communication)

If you have any questions about our products or are considering installing them in your facilities, please feel free to contact us.